Newsweek Names Clay County Hospital In World's Best Hospitals 2021

    Newsweek has named 2000 hospitals covering 25 countries which stand out for their consistent excellence, including distinguished physicians and services, top-notch nursing care and state of the art technology.

    Newsweek has revealed the World's Best Hospitals and it definitely is the most important ranking thus far! As the critical events of 2020 made clear, our lives and those of our loved ones rested on the healthcare accessible to our community and service area.

    Clay County Hospital has been chosen in the World's Best Hospitals of 2021, out of 350 total hospitals in the United States and 1 of 4 hospitals selected in Alabama. These hospitals were listed in the following order: UAB, Fayette, Clay County, and East Alabama Medical Center.

    Clay County Hospital prides itself with this public accomplishment which was based on recommendations from doctors, hospital managers, and healthcare professionals; patient experiences; and key performance indicators for hospitals. This is truly one of the largest honors Clay County Hospital has received.