Clay County Nursing Home

    83825 Highway 9
    Post Office Box 1270
    Ashland, AL 36251
    (256) 354-1202 or (256) 354-1145

    83 bed nursing home located in Ashland, Alabama.


    Stephen Young, Administrator 256-354-1179
    Donna Glenn, Director of Nursing 256-354-1203
    Jennifer Miller, Assistant DON 256-354-1117

    Clay County Nursing Home and Victory Lane Rehab would like to announce that what was formerly referred to as Unit 2, will now be called Memory Care. Memory Care is designed for safety. It allows resident's a safe environment in which to wander freely while interacting with other residents, staff, and visitors. If you have a loved one that tends to wander away unattended or at unexpected hours, please keep Memory Care in mind for your needs.

    Unit 1, 256-354-1145/1142
    Fax: 256-354-1244
    Memory Care, 256-354-1263
    Fax: 256-354-1262
    Admissions, Diane Denney 256-354-1202
    Fax: 256-354-1298
    Dietary, Jean Smith 256-354-1193
    Social Services, Traci Campbell 256-354-1141
    Activities, Traci Campbell 256-354-1117


    1. Connected to a hospital-When residents require hospital care, the staff is able to transfer residents to the hospital per stretcher without any cost for ambulance services. Acute medical care is obtained in a very timely manner because the nursing home is connected to the hospital.
    2. Residents have the flexibility to choose their physician of choice of those on the medical staff.
    3. Physical therapy-Licensed physical therapy services are available. Nursing Home rehabilitation services are also available when residents do not meet criteria for licensed physical therapy.
    4. Speech therapy-Services available on an as need basis.
    5. Occupational therapy- Licensed occupational services available.
    6. Victory Lane Short Term Rehabilitation- This service is located in the nursing home. Admission of residents who require short term rehabilitation i.e. hip and knee surgery rehab (20 day stay).
    7. Skilled care- Staffed 7 days/week with RNs, LPNs, and Certified Nursing Assistants.
    8. Activities-Daily scheduled activities with weekly community organizations involvement.
    9. Secure/Safety Unit- For residents who need additional safety measures i.e. Alzheimer's, dementia, wandering needs.
    10. Indoor pets- Residents' pets are welcomed for short visits, but an updated vaccination record must be on file with social services before the pet can enter the facility.
    11. Experienced staff- Several of our staff members have been with the facility for over 10 years.
    12. Active resident council- Our residents have a group that meets monthly and discusses nursing home routines and provides suggestions for changes.
    13. Long Term Care- We provide long term care for those in need of such services. We also provide short term rehab for our long term care residents.
    14. Our CNAs are trained to take care of the needs of our residents.
    15. Activities- We provide daily activities for our residents. Please see the
    activities calendar.
    16. Non-Smoking: allowed are vapor electronic cigarettes and/or smokeless tobacco.
    17. Rates- We offer the best rates for our area. Please contact us for more information on this subject.