Clay County Hospital Cardiac Stress Lab

    83825 Highway 9
    Post Office Box 1270
    Ashland, AL 36251
    (256) 354-1205

         It's time to take control of your health by making a pledge to take care of your heart. Keep your heart strong for those who depend on you! Clay County Hospital offers cardiac stress testing which is used to evaluate how exercise affects your heart. This test will show heart arrhythmias during exercise as well as possible coronary artery disease (blocked arteries).

         You can enjoy the convenience of having your cardiac stress test done close to home by our Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Cardiovascular Stress Technicians. Clay County Hospital also offers a variety of other diagnostic tests including bone, thyroid, lung and gallbladder scans, CT, mammography, ultrasound and same day surgical procedures.

         Your time and money is valuable in today's economy. You do not have to travel out of town when you can have many of your diagnostic tests done by healthcare professionals at Clay County Hospital.

    For more information, contact the Outpatient Department at 256-354-1205.