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    Computerized Axial Tomography is an x-ray scan combined with computer technology. Better known as CT or CAT scan, this doughnut shaped scanner acquires cross sectional images of the body's internal organs, blood vessels, and skeletal system. The images aid in detection of tumors, heart disease, strokes, blood flow, and internal injuries.

    CT scans often require the patient to be NPO (nothing to eat or drink) for approximately 4 hours prior to the exam. Oral and intravenous (IV) contrast material may be used to highlight the area of interest for optimal exams. The patient may be required to remove jewelry and clothing that contains metal which could create an artifact (streaking) on the CT images.

    After the CT images are acquired, the CT technologist completes the exam using computer technology which has the capabilities to render 3D images. These additional images aid the radiologist (x-ray physician that reads images and reports findings to attending physicians), allowing internal structures to be viewed in more than one plane for a more accurate diagnosis. With an accurate diagnosis the attending physician has the added information needed to treat the patient.

    In January 2016 Clay County Hospital acquired a new Siemens Perspective CT Scanner. The new CT equipment provides enhanced imaging with accurate results and diagnosis. The Radiology Department strives to give ultimate patient care and assistance to physicians for the treatment of all our patients. We offer small town care with state of the art equipment.

    Types of CT scans but not limited to:

    CT Angiography Brain, Carotid, Chest, Abdomen, Kidneys, Pelvis, Extremities

    CT Brain facial bones, sinuses, orbits, internal auditory canal (IAC)

    CT Neck
    CT Cervical Spine
    CT Chest
    CT Abdomen
    CT Pelvis, hip
    CT Thoracic Spine
    CT Lumbar Spine
    CT Upper and Lower Extremities

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