Clay County Hospital Pharmacy Staff:

    Matthew Weathers, PharmD., Director of Pharmacy
    Mike Cleveland, RPh.
    Donna Bickerstaff, Registered Pharmacy Technician
    Tina Noel, Certified Pharmacy Technician
    Angie Steen, Certified Pharmacy Technician

    Clay County Hospital Pharmacy has a knowledgeable staff with over 100 years combined experience in the Pharmacy profession. The Pharmacy Department at Clay County Hospital works closely with the Clay County Hospital. Physicians to ensure safe and effective medication use.

    Clinical services provided by the department include pharmacokinetic dosing, drug interaction monitoring, drug information support, and renal dosing. Distributive services provided by the department include daily nursing home medication refills, Omnicell restock, and employee prescriptions. Clinical and distributive services are supported by Evident and Omnicell to provide a bar coded point of care medication delivery system and electronic medical record.

    Our pharmacists and technicians operate in a barrier isolator that is USP 797 certified for preparation of intravenous admixtures.