Clay County Hospital Physical Therapy

    57 Floyd Springs Road
    Ashland, AL 36251
    (256) 354-1118

    If your doctor recommends physical therapy,
    count on our caring team to be with you every step of the way.

    Helping you get back to life!

    We treat a wide range of conditions
    Back Pain
    Balance Deficits
    Geriatric Care
    Muscle Imbalance
    Neck Pain
    Neurological Disorders
    Orthopedic Injury
    Pediatric Care
    Post Surgical Rehab
    Postural Analysis
    Spinal Care
    Sports Injury
    Vestibular Disorders
    Wound Care

    Our services are offered in the following settings:
    Swing Bed
    Home Health
    Nursing Home
    School Based Therapy

    Trained professionals evaluate your rehab needs
         Clients have different needs, goals, and histories pertaining to their injury or condition. Therapists will evaluate clients prior to treatment to assess their needs, provide education pertaining to their specific condition, answer questions or concerns, and take baseline measurements to help determine goals.

    Specialized treatment programs are developed for your individual needs
         Modalities, such as heat, ice, ultrasound and electrical stimulation are just a few of the more common methods for reducing pain. We also use hands-on skilled treatment techniques, therapeutic exercise, aquatic exercise, neuromuscular re-education, massage, positioning and postural training.
         There are a vast number of exercise approaches and manual techniques available to physical therapists for correcting the underlying causes of pain. It is a matter of finding out what works for each individual and his/her body to get the results needed.

    You will receive one on one treatment
         Our licensed and experienced therapists will develop a customized treatment plan, provide individual attention, work with your physician, and give you the encouragement you need to get you moving again as quickly as possible.